The Grayprint™

The Grayprint™ is an advisory group. As an advisory group, our goal is to empower others by providing insights, advice, and assistance in the areas of self-discovery, personality types, and career interests. The Grayprint™ focuses on taking a new look at the many facets of your personality + unique interests and creating a plan for a more fulfilling career or lifestyle. We expect to develop a long term relationship with you, as long as it serves you to do so. We use resources and partners to help you create the blueprint grayprint that is right for you. We help develop plan, you add the color.

Insights & Interests

How does The Grayprint™ use insights and interests to help develop plans for better career and life fulfillment? The journey begins with you! Everything we do starts with you. Your personality, your natural abilities, your interests, your preferred work environment, YOU. We are certified to use some of the best tools in their respective industries such as Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®) and Strong Career Interest. Learn more about the assessment tools we use.

Strategic Planning

As a company founded by a Project Management Professional (PMP®) for large Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies as well as smaller emerging enterprises, there is no better partner than The Grayprint™ to help you develop a plan of action. Using your interests, insights, and overall goals we help develop a strategic, actionable plan for success.  


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