I'm Melanie Gray.

I started The Grayprint™ because of my own personal journey of self-discovery and understanding. Understanding, embracing, and leveraging my unique personality superpowers with a strategic plan, changed my life. Self-understanding shifted my mindset and created a pathway for work that was better aligned to my natural abilities, personality and interests. Now, I have the tools and strategies needed to pivot whenever necessary. I invite you to design the career and life you love by embracing the many facets of your personality and interests. The Grayprint™ is my love letter to life more abundantly. Oh the places you will go!

Founder of The Grayprint Advisory Group, Melanie is a Certified Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®) Practitioner, Certified Strong Interest Inventory® Practitioner, and Project Management Professional (PMP®). She is also a Certified Designing Your Life® Coach. Melanie is a proud alum of Howard University where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Communications. Following her passion for entrepreneurship and innovative thinking, she earned a Master of Science in Entrepreneurship from Syracuse University. She uses her own key interests and personality insights to continuously design a life she loves. Melanie has over 20 years of professional experience and 10+ years experience working specifically in the area of strategy, planning, and project management. Melanie also spends time volunteering for SCORE as a small business mentor and subject matter expert.

My Story

Yep, that is me. Freshman year of college, sitting on the floor of my friend's dorm room. Beautifully introverted and only at the beginning of my self-discovery journey. Most of the time, I was a lot more comfortable behind the camera instead of in front of it (as you can see). College was a wonderful part of my journey of self-discovery and growth and I enjoyed it. 

But here's a little secret...I'm an "introvert". During my childhood I didn't have the word for it. This was long before Susan Cain's bestselling book Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking. Long before the conversation of introversion vs. extroversion that we hear more frequently today. I couldn't articulate what it really means to be introverted back then. Why did I struggle with small talk? How many times did I have to hear "Are you always so quiet?". After I graduated undergraduate school and entered full-time employment, I wondered...Why did some work environments (or jobs) feel like trying to fit a square shape into a round hole? 

When I took a Myers Briggs personality assessment it was the beginning of my awakening and my thirst for all things related to understanding personalities. I began to have a better understanding of myself (and others) and what being introverted actually means. When Susan Cain's book was released, I devoured it like my favorite meal. As I read her book, I thought "Yes! This it is. I feel seen". I continued to research and learn more about introversion vs. extroversion. I continued on my journey of self-discovery and understanding. Trying on different jobs, work environments, traveling, gaining higher education, talking to others, learning more about myself and others, researching, attending workshops, reading books, etc.

Along my journey, I found myself cheering others on (friends, family, co-workers, etc.) to chase their dreams and do what makes them feel fulfilled (yes, that was me bringing self-discovery/career books to the work break room). Urging others to do what feels good, what feels natural. To follow the path that aligns with the fire inside. Eventually, I found my way. I learned how to pivot with purpose, whenever necessary. Guess what? The journey continues as I continue to evolve (as we all do). I will pivot again. I found tools and developed strategies to help me pivot with a purposeful plan. I created The Grayprint™ to share those tools and strategies with others.

Why I Do It

I wear a set of mantra bracelets pretty regularly to serve as little reminders throughout the day. One of my favorite bracelets reads, "What if you fly?". I want to be a reminder for others, including my little girl (pictured here) to always trust yourself. Your soul has certain dreams and desires for a reason. Follow your own path. Don't deprive the world of your gifts. Someone else needs them. Don't be afraid to give life a try. After all, what if you fly?